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Does Instagram copyright music and how can one legally use copyrighted music on the platform?

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Does Instagram copyright music and how can one legally use copyrighted music on the platform?
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5 Answers

  1. How does music work on Instagram? What copyright rules does Instagram enforce? Let’s see how to use copyrighted music on Instagram and learn why royalty-free music can be your secret weapon.

    Adding music to your Instagram videos is quite simple. Here are the steps outlined in Instagram’s help center:

  2. How long can a copyrighted song be used on Instagram? The guidelines for utilizing copyrighted music on this platform are regularly updated, and various safeguards are in position to avoid copyright infringement. While there is no set timeframe for using protected songs, it’s crucial to remember that Instagram’s audio detection technology can identify copyrighted tracks in your videos. If the system detects copyrighted music, it might take actions such as muting the sound, displaying an intellectual property (IP) warning, or removing the video altogether.

    1. Recording music from live performances is acceptable. When you attend a concert and post Stories, Reels, or Instagram Live videos of the show, you should be fine. Using music in Stories is completely allowed.
    2. Excessive use of full-length recorded tracks may hinder your ability to livestream. If you continuously play tracks on Instagram Live, your broadcast may get interrupted.
    3. In general, video clips with music should be brief. Although there isn’t a specific definition of brief, try to create short-form content when unsure.
    4. When using copyrighted music on Instagram, always include a video component. Just playing songs without any visual content is not allowed.
    5. Music usage may be restricted in certain countries. While Instagram offers music in 90 countries, some regions may not have the necessary rights, making these guidelines irrelevant in those areas.

    Does Instagram provide its own copyrighted music?

    Instagram does offer a selection of copyrighted music. It might not be the most extensive collection globally, but specific songs can be found on the platform when posting Reels and Stories.

    • If you’re unsure, keep your music clips short. Using full-length songs in a video increases the chances of it getting muted or restricted. Opt for short clips from copyrighted songs to play it safe.
    • Make sure your videos primarily focus on visual content. The copyrighted song should not be the main focus of your video to avoid Instagram muting it.
    • Using music in stories is allowed. Feel free to use music in your Instagram stories without worries. Posting to stories instead of your feed can help you avoid any problems.
    • You’re allowed to record live music performances. Posting a live show recording doesn’t violate any copyright laws.

    How to Legally Include Copyrighted Music in Your Instagram Posts

  3. Always share a video when posting music on Instagram. According to Instagram, videos should always have a visual component, not just recorded audio. Keep your videos brief and use short music clips as recommended by Instagram. They suggest avoiding full-length recorded tracks in videos to prevent limitations. Utilize Instagram’s copyright-free music from the Facebook Sound Collection for Stories and live musical performances. By using audio from this library, your posts will be protected.

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