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Where can I find high-quality music that is free from copyright restrictions for use in my commercial projects?

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Where can I find high-quality music that is free from copyright restrictions for use in my commercial projects?
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5 Answers

  1. This tool offers a convenient way to explore and listen to Musopen’s music collection without the need to visit separate webpages for each search. You can preview, download, or save music to your favorites by using search or filters.

    Download (Standard Quality): Blue link indicates standard quality audio. Download (High Quality): Yellow link means high quality or lossless audio available. Play: Click the play icon to listen to an audio preview. Favorite: Click the heart icon to add to your favorites, accessible in your Musopen user profile.

  2. Quick & Simple

    Each download grants access to top-notch files. No account creation required

    Free to Use

    All our music is free to use on YouTube and similar video platforms. Find out more.

    Completely Secure

    Our tracks are self-produced, allowing us to grant you full rights to use them

  3. Cool Fuzz is a Royalty-Free music track by Elliot that includes a fuzzy bass sound. The music also features guitars, synths, and drums. Another Royalty-Free music piece is Paper Plane by Indie Box, which showcases a smooth and inspiring acoustic guitar melody. Lastly, League by Risian is a bright and energetic pop dance track that also includes lyrics. Perfect for various uses like aftermovies and parties.

  4. After our success with free videos, we are excited to introduce free music! Explore an impressive selection of royalty-free stock music from our expanding audio collection for your upcoming video editing tasks. You can freely use all audio clips without the need for attribution or signing up. Discover ideal tracks for enhancing your YouTube videos, podcasts, and digital advertisements. Benefit from endless downloads covering various genres like hip-hop, lo-fi, cinematic, and more.

  5. License Uplifting Indie Rock Royalty Free Music by Van Stee, featuring guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Dramatic Strings Royalty Free Music by Benjamin Lazzarus, featuring strings and percussion. Ambient Royalty Free Music by Risian, featuring synth and effects, creating a deep atmosphere.

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